Eddy Lee's Chinese Restaurant


Eddy Lee, which is a local Chinese restaurant, was founded by a man name "Eddy" since 1990s. We are constantly trying our best to bring billions of fresh and delicious dishes as well as great services to our treasured customers for more than 20 years
As time goes by, there are different owners took over the restaurant. However, we all try to keep the original flavors with the secret recipes. Moreover, we also never stop trying new flavors, improving our dishes, and finding the most convenient services for our clients.

We are willing to hear the feedbacks from our customers, so that we have more chances to improve our foods and services in a positive way!

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Customer's review

Anna:" The foods here were awesome! we definitely try it again"

Jim: "One of the best Chinese foods in Thunder Bay! Highly recomend bon bon spareribs !"

Vince:"This is the great place for a cozy dinner with family and friends!"